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Responsible Tourism Statement

Carters by the sea is a newly built luxury motel specifically designed to sit within its unique beach location incorporating the seaside village of Carters Beach. At the design stage, energy-saving building techniques were included along with a northerly orientation to maximize the passive heat produced from the sun. At Carters by the sea, we are committed to enhancing our beach environment by promoting our focus on responsible tourism. This is achieved by operating to high standards of performance in sustainable business practices and environmental protection.



Installation of a solar hot water system incorporating the guest and motel laundry

Installation of solar PV panels for daytime power use of the laundry and appliances with credits produced being offset against the monthly power account

Power consumption monitored by spreadsheets relayed from the inverter back to a computer program via Wifi

Gas on-demand water heating for each room

Purchase of energy-saving whiteware appliances

Building orientation for passive heat gain with floor tiles to absorb heat

Use of double glazed windows

Use of LED energy-efficient lights both internal and external with motion sensor switches

White roofs to reflect summer heat

A key tag system to activate power to each room ( energy management system)

Ceiling fans to disperse cool/hot area in each room

Guest towel reuse system in place to save water consumption

All rooms are fully insulated for maximum heat retention

Concrete block wall construction absorb passive heat


Flow restrictors installed in the shower heads

Stormwater runoff is contained and disposed of on-site by way of soak pits so nothing goes out onto the road storm channels

Installation of dual flush toilets

Watering of gardens and lawns manually when there is a lack of rainfall
Soil moisture retained by mulching gardens


Itemize and recycle glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard/paper at the kerbside fortnightly for collection

Guests are encouraged to separate recyclable items from the general rubbish and leave on the benchtop, as all rooms are serviced daily.

Re-use fax and photocopy paper on the blank side for personal use

Old towels reused for cleaning cloths


Purchase cleaning products with low environmental impact where possible


Induction training of new employees in the reduction of energy, water, and waste management


Support and contribute to the tourism appeal of the local beach area that our motel is part of.

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